Western Pennsylvania is a vibrant hub of military activity, innovation, and blue collar values.

Our work began in 1995 when it was first announced that the 911th was in danger of being closed. We coordinated support for keeping the military presence in western Pennsylvania strong, working with community leaders and local government. We were successful, and we conquered the same challenge again in 2005.

Today, we continue to advocate for our military and are proactively building relationships and opportunities for our military and our communities.

For many of us at MACWPA, our lives have been touched by the military, whether we ourselves served or our families served. The story is the same for many of the residents in our communities. Even if their families didn’t actively serve, they likely played a role in the region’s rich manufacturing history, which has supported our servicemen and women through countless conflicts.

Building on this history, we are committed to our mission and our vision.


Be the voice and an advocate for the military when it comes to forging local connections and overcoming regional challenges.


Propel Western Pennsylvania into a brighter future rich with economic growth powered by a military presence that frequently collaborates with other branches and with local leaders.

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