MACWPA strives to build bridges between local citizens, business owners, and our region’s military.

Western Pennsylvania’s mix of military activity, legendary blue collar work ethic, and a blossoming technology scene makes it a one-of-a-kind mixing pot for both military and civilian development. We actively pursue new ways to connect the various groups in our region so that we can elevate the entire community.

Some of our region’s partnerships include :


Allegheny County Airport Authority: Pittsburgh International Airport collaborates with the Air Force to share assets.


Pittsburgh Airport Chamber of Commerce: Commanders work with local business leaders to integrate services and share expertise.


Honorary Commanders Association (HCA): The HCA is a partnership program between the Chamber and regional military agencies to foster community relations for area military.

And we are always looking for opportunities to :


Enhance collaboration between military branches, which might include sharing training resources or equipment.

Job Growth:

Help veterans find jobs by engaging with employers and veterans groups, strengthening connections and opening new channels of communication.

Connect & Share:

Highlight projects between the military and area businesses, driving more development interest into Western Pennsylvania.

The relationship between the military and its local community is rich with opportunities for partnerships and collaboration. Connect with us today to play a vital role in building more of those bridges in Western Pennsylvania.

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