911th Airlift Wing Partners with Pittsburgh International Airport


The 911th Airlift Wing’ mission is to “support our national security objectives by providing fully mission-ready C-130 airlift, aeromedical evacuation and expeditionary combat support forces.” In its fulfillment of this mission, the 911th is also a National Disaster Medical System hub (for patient transport during emergencies) and has had an estimated regional economic impact of $126 million.

Currently, the 911th Air Reserve Station Garrison is at Pittsburgh International Airport, with the Airport providing 24/7 runway maintenance, emergency response, and fire rescue to the 911th, at an annual cost of $20,000.

In addition to supporting the strategic placement of our nation’s military, Pittsburgh International Airport benefits from the continuous activity and attention that an active military presence provides. Ongoing work in our region means that more people to Pittsburgh, and that attention often means additional investments and partnerships, which in turn create jobs and drive economic prosperity for all.

The partnership between the 911th and Pittsburgh International Airport is a valuable bridge between civilian and military interests. It keeps the door open for an ongoing dialog about collaboration and mutually beneficial projects, which not only benefits the Airport but the entire region as a whole.